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I so far have been given the option to do two different quests from the Dozens and the Crucible Knights that will apparently piss off the other party, and I've avoided taking either for the time being.  I looked them up in the wiki while avoiding the walkthroughs and I think I understand: the Dozens, the Crucible Knights, and the Doemenels will all give me quests, and they each have a quest that locks me out of the other two factions' quests.  So, ideally, I should do all the other quests first and then pick one of the lock-out quests.  Only, in another place, the wiki also says that if I "become to involved with the Crucible Knights" Wenan will not talk to me anymore.  I have a quest from the Crucible Knights right now involved Heritage Hill that I kind of wanted to do - if I do that quest, will I still have access to the Dozens' lock-out quest?  I have already done the quest about Osric's breastplate and the one about the enchanted armor.  Will I be able to get a good reputation with Defiance Bay (for Eder's quest) without doing any more Crucible Knight quests?  I did glance at the rewards for the three lock-out quests, and I like the Dozens' rewards the best and the Crucible Knights' rewards the least.

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You can always do the first quest that a faction gives you without locking yourself in with that faction.


Those are:

- get Osric's Family Breastplate (Dozens)

- get the research papers for the Forge Knights (Crucible Knights)

- get the Heart of the White March (Doemenel)


Only when doing those quests you get access to the shop of that faction. In case of Dozens and Crucible Knights those contain some good items, so make sure you do all three quests. On case of Doemenel you'll have to do a second one (punish Kolfec). This one has no effect on faction lockout as well.


After that initial quest Wenan, Commander Clyver and Daddy Doemenel will want to give you a second quest. It's that one that will bind you to the faction. Actually it's only that one quest and the work for the faction is already finished. So you don't miss a lot. There are no other quests that are for a specific faction only.


The quest around Heritage Hill (missing sentry) has no effect on faction lockout.


So, again: just avoid to pick the quest from Wenan, Commander Clyver or Daddy Doemenel. The rest is safe. You don't need to tiptoe around other quests in Defiance Bay.

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