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Hey guys. 


I just want to share my feelings about ranger, since im quite happy i started one;) 


Im a litte bit perplex right now and I want to start off with a nice Picture of Itumak  (Ranger pet! ) Criting the Dragon for 129 damage and explode him, but it looks like i cant.


Ok lets go on with the questions.


1) Is the new deadfire Arbalest from deadfire pack still bugged?


2) can i use twinned arrows with crossbows? im unsure coz you can pick mastery for soulbound and it also counts universal. The tooltip say only bows.


3) if i play with a dragon trashed chanter i dont need any wounding shot to activate predator sense 100% of the time right?


4) if i only fight one enemy, does twinned arrow and the talent where every arrow hit a second still apply? My combatlog register 4 hit ( 3 hits, 1 crit for exampe ) when i shot one arrow at one guy! Or did i misunderstood something?


Im reading for years in this forum and manage to create a acc just now! Sry for my very bad english and thx for your help ! I love your Build and in game knowledge btw:)




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1) still bugged


2) it does only work with bows, no exception.


3) that should be the case - however, during one of my later playthroughs I noticed that the pet didn't get Predator's Sense's bonus when attacking enemies that suffered from Dragon Thrashed. Maybe a glitch, maybe a nerf. You can circumvent the problem by using Persistence (if you like bows), its wounding does work with Pr. Sense. It's the ranged weapon with the highest dps for a ranger anyway.


4) usually not. Driving Flight should only work if somebody's behind the target (it's a rel. wide cone though. It can also be that you saw hit rolls from a special attack like wounding shot (like: 2 hit rolls for the physical damage and two for the hobbled afflicton).


Critting the dragon for over 100 damage would need hefty ACC buffs, DR reduction and also petrifying. :)


Dragon's skin is just too tough and the defenses are too high for an animal companion to crit with such high numbers. Maybe if you add Brutal Takedown it would work. It's really good because it only uses 1/4 of enemies' DR.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Hey Boeroer  and thx for your replies. After Lv 9 i noticed that both Wolf (i play 2 ranger this run) constantly maw the enemies for 70-90 damage. Like every hit to be honest. That was not the case before, i think the dragon trashed apply all the time. Which would left some roome for other items instead persistence to experiment with. Otherwise 2 helwaxed legandary and durganizes persistance could be very helpfull vs the toughest guys around :)


Yes the sky dragon was under petrified. I full buffed up my party and debuff him. My mc hitting him for 50 ish damage 3 times and then aloth land a crit on this bounce stun spell and lowered all his resistance and right at this moment the dragon comes into itumak range and he crit with 130 ~ acc for 129 Crit and just delete a 1/3 of his help and only left big flying meat from the drake .. Well what was satisfying! Just want to post a picture for every non believer that ranger pets are beast.


They actually maw the drake at the tidefall location also down.. Some kind of irritation the pets destroy the dragon instead of dedicated charakters :D

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