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beta version 3: no cannons on the ship





On deck, a cannon can be seen in the first opening on the lower deck .

When you are inside the ship the are no cannons around, just boxes with cannonballs.


Usually cannon were fixed behind these openings and the openings for the cannons were closed when not in combat so no water can come in.

When combat starts you open those openings, load the cannon, push it forward and fire.


If the cannons were stored in some storage room, it would take forever to make them ready and the enemy would destroy you before you can fire a single shot.


I know that this is not importent because it does not harm game mechanics. But I think it feels strange when you cannot see any cannons inside the ship when you can use them in combat ( without the command to get them from the storage room ), especially when you see a cannon looking out of these openings when you are on the upper deck.

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