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A Farmer's Plight still bugged (with workaround)





So I encountered a bug with the quest A Farmer's Plight. I'd enter Korgrak's cave, walk forward a bit and get an update to the quest saying I've resolved the issue with the ogre and should return to Rumbald. I could continue into the cave but I'd be unable to initiate dialgue with Korgrak as he would act like we had already come to a truce.


I tried doing a search and I've found that this bug is over 2 years old with no solution to be found. Frankly, that's pretty pathetic on Obsidian's part. I love your games guys, but there's no excuse for this bug to still be unfixed after 2 years.


Anyway, I cracked open my save file in EternityKeeper and had a play around with some of the global variables. I found these 4 globals that were all set to 1 (both before and after entering the cave).







I set them to 0 and I when I approached Korgrak his FMV played and he initiated dialogue. I was able to make peace with him, hire him to Caed Nua, and turn in the quest to Rumbald successfully. I have the piglet to prove it.


I tried setting each variable to 0 one at a time but that didn't work. It seems to be an all or nothing deal. Or maybe some combination of some of them, but I can't be bothered going through all the different combinations.


So to be clear on how I did the workaround. Enter the ogre cave, get the journal update saying you should go back to Rumbald, get to the edge of the ogre's part of the cave (where all the bones are), save the game, open EternityKeeper, load up your save, set the 4 variables to 0, load the edited save file, approach Korgrak.


After that it should play nice.


Hopefully that should help anyone else with this problem in the future, at least anyone playing on the PC. 

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Given that Deadfire is long since in development this probably won't ever get fixed, sadly, but as long as there's a workaround I can deal.  Thanks for figuring this out!  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to hire him this playthrough, which would be a damn shame for that battle with Gathbin.

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