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Question about spiritshift and bonus from equip

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When spiritshift is activated, all bouns from gears are gone, right?


1) I saw a post that about wildstrike belt, So that's the only exception?

2) How about God-like racial bonus? Thats a head part...

3) About duration, I know pumping INT before spiritshift is useful, but how about using salvation of time? That will extend spiritshift duration?

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1.: Right - only exception. Wildstrike Belt "casts" a buff on you once you shift that raises both of your Wildstrike lashes by 10% (Wildstrike from 30% to 40%, Greater Wildstrike from 15% to 25%. Its duration is NOT influenced by INT like Spiritshift's so its bonus might run out before Spiritshift expires.

By the way: Wildstrike and Greater Wildstrike don't simply get added up to a bigger lash. The are getting applied seperately - so the belt is a big big improvement in dps. If you also take Scion of Flame (or another fitting talent for your Wildstrike element) you will raise both lashes further to 48% and 30%.


2.: Goldlike bonuses still work (all of them).


3.: Never tested, but I strongly believe so. You can also use Crowns of the Faithful before you shift in order to prolong Spiritshift duration by 30%.

The soulbound scepter Gyrd Whatever Stenes can be used by a druid to restore one use of Spiritshift in every encounter. But only after you used up your normal Spiritshift.


What also works are certain items that cast something on you - for example Frenzy from Sanguine Plate. You catch a crit, Frenzy triggers and then you shift: Frenzy stays active. Same with all temporary buffs that are on you before you shift: they will continue their work.


Outlander's Frenzy keeps working once you shift and also can be triggered while you're shifted.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Some odd items also leave effects on you, for example the unique hunting bow Persistence added it's DoT effect to Hiravias' shapeshifted form (+20% damage as Raw Damage over 6.0 seconds or some such)


Between that and wildstrike belt + wildstrike and he just topped 150 damage in one hit!  I love this guy.

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