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Crafting and ship combat bugs and possible bugs (3.0984 BB)

Olauron Mor-Galad


1. Crafting menu in ultrawide has incorrect scrolling bar.



2. Unrecognized ship combat action. It may be the result of the destroyed sails of enemy ship. This action was taken by AI several times, it didn't try to sail away, turn or shoot.



3. After boarding there is no ability to loot the corpses, the "Loot recovered" menu is also empty. There is loot reward for sinking the ship.


4. All menus during boarding (main menu, interface menu, etc.) have graphic artefacts.



5. (possible bug)

There are no companions on the deck or below.


6. (possible bug)

Crew members on the deck are not willing to talk at all. It is unclear whether it is intended or it is unfinished content. Even in combat (when boarding) I have no idea what are the level and other stats of my crew members. Is it intended? There is also no interface to upgrade my crew members in terms of their combat effectiveness (armor, weapons).


7. (possible bug)

I was playing with adding tales to my crew members. It was possible to upgrade their profession to Master level only for those who have only one job trait. Most of them, however, have two traits, and regardless of tales invested their maximum rank was Expert. If it is intended there should be clear warning that it is impossible to level up those multi-job crew members to maximum rank. Even when I have received after-battle notification that some crew members leveled up, there was no change in rank (their tales increased normally). If this message is about their class level but not job level then it is very uninformative because there is no way to see that level.


8. (possible bug)

Captain level (not character level) is shown only on ship combat interface and has no tooltip.


P.S. A huge number of items lost their icons  (for example, Vailian Clothing and Kuaru Clothing sold by Vektor).



9. It is possible to buy limited resources like medicine or cannon balls in greater values than it is possible to have on ship. The extra resources are just gone. I guess they should appear in stash (like food or water) or it should be impossible to waste gold for nothing.

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