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So how does one get her as a companion exactly?


DLC installed but only got 2 dialogue options for her "How are things around fort deadlight?" and "Feeling okay?" neither triggers a choice to let her join.



If the DLC is properly loaded, as the first question, and just ask her to continue, about after the 2nd "Continue", she'll ask if you need any help (don't remember the exact words).  You do not have to start a new game to gain access to this.  You can even have spoken to her prior to getting the DLC.


Seems like it's not installed properly for me, for some reason it's trying to install in my secondary GOG location and for some reason it's not possible to change the installation path on the DLC.

Not sure what the problem is. Have you been to to deadlight before installing the dlc? I hadn't been there, downloaded the dlc, did the exploding piano quest as normal. I spoke to her as before the dlc. Then after Benweth exited stage left, I spoke to her and she mentioned Aeldys would kill her if she found out her part in Benweths death - until then, the dialogue hadn't changed, but as I said goodbye she suddenly asked if I had room on her ship.

So either it's a Gog issue or it could be that you went to deadlight before downloading the dlc.... not sure.

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