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Technical Aspect - Bug and suggestion



Hi all, I'm trying to do a list of all the bug that I've found during my playthrough with the Beta. Sorry if some, or all, of this things have already been reported by other player


- Exclusive Fullscreen support, it would be really good to have it




- "Control H" hotkey doesn't hide the cursor

The game itself lock down to ~22 FPS during the creation of the PG. After a couple of alt-tab it reverse itself at 60 FPS (On a 144Hz display?)

- ~22 FPS in the world map while moving the camera on the top of fog of war

- ~22 FPS whenever a new area is approached, even if it's an already discovered area (Streaming issue?), resolved by alt-tabbing the game

- Double clik shortcut doesn't work with the weapon (Fast equip like armor and everything else)



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