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Shadow Rever in West Harbor

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After  restoring the blade of Gith  The party is attacked by a Shadow reaver and his minions. I have tried this part of the story with both Ammon Jerro and the Gith Priestess for a total of about 40 attempts. I cannot get the NPC with the true name scroll clear of the battle fast enough to avoid damage. I have let my party POUND on the Shadow Reaver  for as long as 10 minutes real time   and have watched the damage points go up, but he DOESN'T die. (I'm estimating at least 700-800 points of damage done to the Shadow Reaver)

Does anyone have any advice for a first time player of this game. I Purchased NWN2 in December of 2017.

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You have to read the scroll, as a player. Zhjaeve won't read it automatically. He won't die until you have controlled Zhjaeve manually (no AI) and had her read the scroll, IIRC.

She has the scroll in her inventory, you van manually select it, and then Use Power, and voilà! Ammon Jerro can also manually read it if it's in his invo.

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