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Charmed(confusion, domianted, etc)effect totally broken

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I believe this is a debuff, right? and we cast this to enemies, it should be useful for player, not enemies.

There are too many **** things happen when enemies got this effect.


1. Characters just losing ****ing target, and do nothing when using defend self/passive AI. Using rest of AI is even ****ing worse, It will mess your tank line.

+ Even you trying to attack(with A key)the charmed enemies, eventaully they wear off 'charmed' and your character just LOSING TARGET(and do nothing) AGAIN. Even they just changed thier side to 'enemies'. 

Everytime This effect changes enemies side, Everytime player's order just be cancelled.


2. They got AOE buff from our casters. It's just insane. Cos most of AOE buffs are divine thing. It's like prayer to gods, asking help us. And the god bless our enemies? cos the enemies on debuff? jesus.


3. They cancel chanting, and sometimes our CHANTER JUST CANT CHANT AT ALL. It's a bug. When you got this bug, every battle start, chanter just cancel their chanting. even you trying to activate this again, they just cancel again. whole battle without chanting, and theres no way to fix this. except some changes like exit game or go another map or whatever idk.


ofc these effects useful sometimes, but this is just a DEBUFF. Theres no need to have side effects, and its not just side effects, Its annoyance.

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1. I agree it does bug your guys out a bit after it wears off.  Just RETARGET when you hit them after they become uncharmed.  It is annoying and you have to micro but its not like EVERY encounter has mind control enemies.   If you have a priest use Prayer Against Treachery it will make the party immune to any mind control affect.  If you have a Paladin and they have Liberating Exhortation you can temporarily remove the effect unless its the Paladin who is charmed.  You can also take Aegis of Loyalty and Sacred Immolation to almost instantly remove charm effects on allies again a Paladin Ability.  A Goldpact Knights upgraded Liberating Exhortation will temporarily make an ally immune to charm effects.  You can bait a mind control on an ally and once the AI casts it just cast Liberating Exhortation.  We do not have cool downs but the AI does on some abilities.  Mind Control with Fampyrs and Adragons being one of them.


2.  That is annoying. If it is an AURA from a Paladin or other ally just deactivate it and they will lose the buff.  Then reactivate and they will not have it.  If its a priest buff like Circle of Protection.  A good party with good accuracy support should have no issues killing something with some buffs.  If you have good enough tanks the only thing that can auto attack you down without you being CCed is a Dragon.  


3.  Just save and exit to fix number 3.


Ya those are all ****ty bugs but there is ways around them.  I know it stinks :-/

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