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Game crashes on launch



I recently purchase the two DLCs for the game and now when I try to launch the game it crashes. I'm running it through Steam.


I get this message:


Oops! The game crashed.

The crash report folder named "2018-01-16_182532" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game!



I have attached my system specs to this.


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Hi, I'm having a similar issue. I own the full game on Steam, have about 200 hours of gameplay, but some time ago I had this issue where if I tried to launch the game, it just didn't (no error messages, no blinking screen, nothing, just the game NOT starting). Tried uninstalling and reinstalling a couple times, no go.


A couple days ago I decided to try again. I reinstalled the game, and behold, the game works. :D


Played a couple days (litterally), and last night, it didn't work anymore. I just finished installing it all over again (after verifying the game cache 5 times, a couple of them deleting a couple of files on purpouse, just to be sure they were redownloading). Nothing.


I'm playing on a Linux Mint 18.3, 64bits, obviously, with 16 GB RAM, and a GTX970 Omega. The game ran beatifully at full.


Sorry I can't post a log, but the folder "~/.config/unity3d/Obsidian Entertainment/Pillars of Eternity/" doesn't contain one (I have 2 files: prefs and NewsArchive, and a folder "CurrentGame", which is empty...).


Again: Pressing the "PLAY" button on Steam does nothing (just shows the "preparing to launch the game..." for less than a second and then nothnig). Any help would be appreciated. :)


Please, forgive any grammatical mistakes I might have had, but English isn't my language.

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