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Bugs, Linux (Ubuntu 15.10)


I played PoE many times on this system, but things are definitely a lot slower.  I'm not too worried about that, as I barely met the requirements on this laptop for PoE.


Actual issues:


1. Is it intended that the events and items on the main island constantly reload?  Endless supply of bounding boots!


2. After finishing the ravine (I agreed to get the hatchlings back) I'm completely stuck.  The boa hika path won't activate and I can't get past it.


I tried saving and coming back, but nothing (though my character portrait changed, but that fixed itself).  I went back into the ravine and got xp for entering a new map.  Everything was friendly, except the plant guys in the lower right corner.  I killed them again, and got myself a 2nd unqiue hand axe.  I left and re-entered... everything reset (lauf still friendly) and I got a 3rd unique hand axe... not so unique.  I also got the new map XP message on each re-enter.


I'm still stuck and unable to get back to the village, but I've got plenty of axes.


3. It took about 5 restarts to get the game past the character creation screen.  I kept getting black screens (with music) but nothing.  Any time I quit I have to kill the process as it just sits at a black screen.

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