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Valeros alone at the closed Mercenary Den during Heroic Retribution sticks a Mercenary on top of the location deck.

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user: atwarner #9699

platform: PC (Windows 10)

scenario: Retribution

difficulty: Heroic

wildcard: An Ill Wind

Characters: Armored Alt Valeros (Mercenary Den), Sajan (Catacombs of Wrath), Amiri (Woods), Tontelizi (The Rusty Dragon), Seelah (Farm House)


Valeros and Tontelizi started out at the Mercenary Den together. Valeros closed it on his first turn, so Tontelizi moved to the Rusty Dragon Inn on his turn. That left Valeros to start at the closed Mercenary Den alone on his second turn. The Mercenary Appeared for a moment, but after Valeros discarded a card for the heroic scenario power, the Orc Prisoner super imposed over him. Valeros defeated the Orc Prisoner, then the Mercenary was no where to be seen. Instead, the location deck had 1 card.




Also, the "open" at this location power on the Mercenary Den continues to activate even when it is closed. Based on the location it shouldn't. The button only appears briefly, but if you click it quickly you'll draw a card after the Mercenary (assuming you are a fighter).

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