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Bugs encountered; 1st beta update



Here are some bugs that I've encountered that for the most part haven't been mentioned yet (that I've noticed) or may have been buried.


1.  Occasionally I'll get the message that someone has discovered something... and there is no indication whatsoever of what was discovered... ever.  This has happened in 2 locations:




I've also noticed in general that discovered traps etc. don't remain red consistently after discovery.


2.  Shop inventory: food stuffs displays ALL rather than just food stuffs




I also noticed that Vektor doesn't carry any food stuffs besides hard tack and water after the update.


3.  The order of active abilities displayed on the character sheet is in alphabetical order, which is not the order of active abilities during level up.


4.  Discovered trap overlies character.  (This has been noted recently.)




5.  When hovering over an ability in combat: damage and penetration are duplicated.




6.  Insect swarm: raw or pierced damage.  Which is it?




7.  Revealed map location... before party has visited that area.  I've noticed this in other maps as well.  In this case, the Adra pillar room is revealed before the party has reached that area.




8.  When mousing over geographic locations (like deadfire archipelago), the associated ability increase that is relevant only during character creation is included.  This I think has been reported already.


9.  Duplicated string during level-up:




10.  Not really a bug, but I would like to have the current character level/class displayed on all of the screens associated with leveling up (skill point selection, weapon prefs, etc.).  Sometimes real-life intrudes and I have to step away and then sometimes I can't remember which character is being leveled up.

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