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"A bug which I have no idea how to describe"

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Steam version

Valeros, Ezren, Kyra, Merisiel (party and turn order)

1-5, Goblin Fortress/Deeper Dungeons


Valeros and Kyra are in Deeper Dungeons.

Ezren is at the Goblin Fortress.

Ezren encounters a Goblin Raider (henchman).

Fiery Bolt to defeat.

Opts to close the location.

Another Goblin Raider.

Ezren doesn't have any offensive spells left, so recharges Staff of Heaven and Earth and discards Web to get 1d4

Valeros attempts to discard the Frost Longbow +1 from Deeper Dungeons.

Then the game gives me the "next" blue arrow on the right side of the screen.


Click back to Ezren. Same thing.

Click back to Valeros. Try to click the "next" arrow. Nothing.

Click back to Ezren again. Try to click the "next" arrow there. Goblin Raider is banished.

I never had to roll and Valeros still has his bow.

The summon was apparently defeated but the location is still open.


EDIT: Whoops. This was supposed to be in the Tech Support forum. Could a moderator please move it?

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