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Yep my friends, it´s me again. :dancing:

Had a short hiatus, surely was not the last one! Next time I´ll travel to the land of the :dragon:


But in the meantime I´d like to ask you Devs:

Could you please unveil percentages for receiving rare, epic and legendary awards by opening treasure chests a) without and b) with runes activated.



I´m an iOS only user. Apple demands unveiling lootbox chances as per their latest update a few days before christmas. I do NOT want to be excluded from playing (and financially supporting) your fine game as your product will be removed from Appstore, please.


Coincidentally, one day last week I experienced opening 48 (!) treasure chests receiving exactly zero(!)  legendary rewards, runes activated. This was somewhat hilarious, I pretend. I´m too old to be upset for gaming, but it was also somewhat demotivating, so I stopped playing on my daily basis. Well, at least for three days :grin: - but, that time I spent money on some other games. :getlost:



As a side note:

I opened more than 250 boxes in total for sure (also purchased contents), but I´m still too far away from enjoying a full book. In the light of the PC-only Obsidian version, please improve drop rates. Well, from a financial standpoint it makes no sense as well, since a lot (most?) spendings are done by microtransactions from mobile devices... but it´s your beer.


So please, pretty please update iOS Version asap, improving lootbox drop chances. And please, also take care of the annoying healing (on/off) bug, would you?!



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You probably won't get any sort of official reply since I suspect they're still on holiday, but the basic distribution the community found last year was something along the lines of:

Uncommon: 50%

Rare: 30%

Epic: 17%

Legendary: 2%


A better visualization would be per chest redeemed since it also takes into account the 25% dice drop.  Among the four things you receive, you should get on average:

Uncommon: 1.9 cards
Rare: 1.1 cards
Epic: 0.65 cards
Legendary: 0.1 cards

Dice: 0.25 sets


I'm unsure how precisely the Rune of Wonder doubles the R/E/L odds, but assuming it's just a straight 2x on the weightings, it should probably result in something like:

Uncommon: 1.46 cards
Rare: 1.31 cards
Epic: 0.87 cards
Legendary: 0.13 cards
Dice: 0.23 sets


However it works, using a rune should net you fewer Uncommons, and distributes the benefit among the other rarities based on some secret sauce.  There's only so much percentage to go around; doubling the odds on half the cards provides a less-dramatic boost than it sounds.


I'm also unsure if equipment sets are still in the mix.  Their drop chance is practically a rounding error, so they were not included in the stats above.  It's all handled server-side, so the only real way to guess what's going on is to keep notes when you open chests.  Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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