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Drastically Expand the Sense of Discovery in Deadfire



In fact I don't know if it's a Bug or Intended, so I post it here so this works as a Suggestion aswell.


So, when you're Exploring the World Map, even if you don't Land (Dock your ship on an Island) :

  • Everything [Cache/Ingredients/Etc] appears on your Map, even if you didn't came close by & sort of "Discovered" it. That's why I'm not sure if it was intended or not.



Nonetheless, I think the fact that everything is in front of you, waiting, reduces enormously the potential of Exploration & Discovery in the Game.


One simple thing could drastically change that : HIDE THEM & Take Advantage of one of the Passive Skills.

That would result in :

  1. Expands the feeling, and the Will to Discover & Explore.
  2. Make a great additional use of the Survival Skill [or Create an "Exploration" one], & would makes us wanna invest in it.
  3. New interest to the World Map.
  4. Reward the players that actually take the time to Explore each & every corner of the Game.

Let's say there's a Cache near Poko Kohara : The same Cache at the same spot can be found by a Player that invested into the appropriate Skill and is rewarded with a cool unique Cloak of Flames. That other Player will not, but that's ok. It adds also to the Replayability of the Game, where you constantly discover new things you didn't in your first playthrough, because you were playing differently.


One of the cool thing Wasteland 2 made, was that they were taking advantage of their Survival Skill. Where, when you were exploring the World Map, the Survival Skill passively made you discovered hidden things in the World. You could potentialy miss lots of cool stuff, loot, unique encounters, caches, etc. That was pretty cool.


I'd hugely request & sincerely encourage the Devs to take inspiration from what Wasteland 2 introduced back then, and implement something like this in Deadfire. Especially in a Game that has a World Map you're free to Explore.


What do you think ? I truely think it's a wasted opportunity if it's not in the game...

I've mentioned it back in the Fig Campaign & in the previous Q&As : Hidden Content has always been a great thing in these Games.

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