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No salt, just curious about skull & shackles

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So I gotta be honest. I bought the big bundle on day 1 and I've been playing off and on ever since. I found the game because I played the physical version years ago and loved it, one of my favorite tabletop games ever. The first set I really got into was skull and shackles. And ever since I heard that a digital version of the game was being worked on, I've been waiting and checking the forums on a regular basis to see if/when the next base set would be announced.


Now that some of the animosity over pricing has died down, can we expect a "state of the game" type post any time soon? Possibly with an update on upcoming content?

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Bid box releases Are very unlike to happen, but small like Valeros and Goblins may be possible.

Big box release would require the Runelords to become popular enough. And From between the line the Runelords is not there (yet at least)

But if there will be big box, the Mummys mask is more likely to happen. The dev said that ship mechanic has some quirks that require more extra programming than for example traders From Mummys mask.

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