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Wizard's Double broken by grazes targeting other defences (3.07)



Wizard's Double is supposedly broken by hits or crits targeting any defence, but below is a screen shot of it breaking on a Fortitude graze (EDIT: And on a miss too, see below). As it's an extremely early Wizard spell and has been in the game since v1.0, it's pretty bad that something on this fundamental level could have been bugged for so long.


I'll update with more instances of the bug as I find them, hopefully it's a weird fluke. You can see from the combat log Wizard's Double was cast and then it has been dispelled (with neither the physical Double visible nor the symbol next to the character portrait).




Update. This happens on a Fortitude miss too, making the spell largely worthless if this is broadly applicable.




There's zero chance of a graze against Deflection on that part of the Knock Down, so literally nothing in this instance should have broken Wizard's Double.


EDIT: Seems to work fine on at least some AoEs (spider web AoEs that target Fort don't dispel Wizard's Double on miss/graze, but will on hit/crit). Here's to hoping this is an extremely isolated issue.


EDIT 2: Divine Mark also procs the bug. My guess would be these spells have an auto-hit component somewhere along the line. This isn't great as it makes several WIzard spells that are dispelled by a hit or gradually dispelled (Iron Skin, Mirrored Image) quite a lot less effective. Image below:



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