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Multiplayer on iOS and other questions

floyd ryan


Hey there!


I was looking for a game that would be fun to play with my wife. We both love Obsidian games, so Pathfinder seemed a perfect choice. So let me start with two general questions:


1. Is this game fun in multiplayer with two players?

2. And is there an option for local play with 2 iPads (instead of pass&play)? (If yes, do both players need to buy campaigns of are IAPs shared via Apple family sharing?)


About pass&play:


3. How do i play it? In the options pass&play is turned off and greyed out (cannot be toggled).

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Well, this game is enjoyable especially in multiplayer, but in tabletop version. The current game does not have the possibility of real multiplayer on two devices at this moment. Maybe, when we cry loud enough, the developers might find a little time between bug-bashing, new content and bug-making, troubleshooting and such to implement it.

Pass and play is really greyed out and unusable. Strange. You can always pass the phone or tablet around the table if necessary.

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