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Values/IDs from game files

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Is there an overview somewhere of what some of the values or IDs from the game files refer to? I don't mean strings and such which is fairly easy to find, but more like e.g.

int AffectsStat = 134
int DmgType = 8
int AttributeType = 6
int DefenseType = 5

I'm working on the Wiki and trying to get to the bottom of what some of the abilities/talents/enchantments really do, at least some troublesome ones with not enough info, and an explanation or overview of code like the above or similar would really help :)

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Very early as I've just looked at a few items I wonder about, but it looks like ID 134 is "Crits can inflict Prone" or something to that effect.

ID      Stat/effect
101     Crit damage multiplier
107     Hits converted to Crits
134     Crits can inflict Prone

If it's possible to get at this list somehow by other means, then by all means, do tell :)


Ages ago I put a game file through some kind of online tool which got out some variables like this, which we could use for modding. But of course I have no idea what it was now. Having access to this would make it a great deal easier to understand what's what, and shed some light on spells/abilities/weapons/enchantments/etc.

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