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Bug: Game hangs when using Ranzaks looting roll and other bugs



Having a consistent problem with the game hanging inside Assault on the Pinnacle: Runewell Location.



When Ranzak gets a boon and then trys to roll a 3-6 to continue looting the roll will complete and then when the card should drop into the hand or be banished it just hangs and the only way out is to forfeit the game.   It has only happens in that room but has happened 8 out of 10 times.




On Steam Windows 10



Have seen 2 other problems:


1. I am using a res of 2560 x 1080 and the screens tear when you look at any of the card decks and when a location makes you do something at the start of your turn.


2. When hitting the back button while managing your deck if you have placed cards from your stash into the deck, when you go back in the cards are back to normal but the stash has kept the changes. In other words have a +2 sword in the stash and place it in a characters inv and place the characters +1 sword in the stash then hit the back button. Then reopen deck builder and you will see the +1 sword in the stash and in the Characters inv and the +2 is nowhere to be found.




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