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Health & Wounds - Colors & Numbers Fail To Register





I use to be able to track my health appears skitish as at times it works and at times it does not register the changes in Health on Icon.  In attached, NPC has died - Character Icon (bottom) shows 99/99, floating windows (large left and just above Character Icon) show 0/75.


You can also see the Mirrored Image issue I reported earlier (superimposed on the character as the spell is still active).





`Tyger~ :cat:


Of course, in the zany world of Pets in Pillars, what I would not likely do is... stuff one pet (much less all of them) in the airless hole of my stash... squished in between armor, blades, potions, and food (lol) - with one of two likely results: "Ew, Steve the Spider got squished between the +2 Shield and +3 Barbed Plate! " or " DARN IT! FIDO! Did you eat all the jerky AGAIN! It's dog-bone soup, tonight! "

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