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Locked yourself into a faction in defiance bay? Help inside!



So you've joined the hundreds of players who didn't realise when you accepted the second faction quest the other faction leaders would psychically know about it and hate you forever, no matter your current reputation with them.  You realised, much to your chagrin, that your last save before you accepted the quest was hours ago, if it even exists.  You've tried several ideas, killing your contact, assassinating the faction leader, even killing everyone remotely related to the faction, but nothing matters, the other factions won't talk to you.  Finally you hit the 'net for help, only to find you are part of an exclusive club of players who've made the same mistake.  Congratulations.


If you're like me, your first thought was to use the console to reset the quest.  No such luck, you can't do it.  Even if you have IE mod, you can only advance the quest, not cancel it.  My second thought was to edit the save game, and here is the good news.  It's not hard, and it seems to work.  Standard disclaimers apply, it didn't break my game (3.06), but I don't know what will happen to anyone else's saves. 


Step 1, grab Eternity Keeper Save Editor off nexusmods.  The windows 32 bit version failed in wine, but the 64bit linux native at least works, and the saves seem to be cross platform.  YMMV. 


Step 2, back up your savegame.  Ostensibly, EKSE won't overwrite the save, it will only export to a duplicate save file, but make the backup regardless.


Step 3, open the save with EKSE.  Under the file menu, hit edit globals.  Use the search box to find the quest state variable you want to change, and set it to 0.  For the crucible knights, the variable is n_Clyver_Quest_Stage.  You can find the variable by opening the related quest file in data/quests/0x_defiance_bay_..., and looking for the 'QuestEvent' list at the bottom. 


Step 4, save modifications, it will make a copy of the game. 


Step 5, load the save game and make sure nothing is broken.  It does leave your journal entry saying you've accepted the quest, but so long as you don't progress in it, the other factions will talk to you.



Another possible option would be to edit the quest files to have them reset the variable on the next phase, but I've not tried it.  Anyway, the editor mod link is below. 




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