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Subclasses whose bonus is much bigger than penalty, and vice versa


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I feel most subclasses in POE 2 have a good balance between their bonus and penalty but still there are feel bit OP or underpowered, so I wish to extend the Top Tier class thread and mainly talking about the balance of current subclasses. So I made a list of subclasses whose penalty is not enough, and another which is too much.


Subclass where Bonus >> Penalty



    Berserker - Bonus: Frenzy got Might/Con Inspiration upgraded to Tier 2, which gives +4 penetration and +4 armour rate, and 50% of hit to crit convert, this is God Mode in current penetration system.

    Penalty is Hitpoint hide and Confused, confused can be easily overcome by some multi-class combination, like Fighter, Paladin and Monk.



    Soul Blade - Penalty is maxed focus and start focus reduced. I personally don't think this is a penalty at all because a Soul Blade will mostly be a melee user and will not or only use these fast cast spells. So this doesn't sounds like penalty at all.



    Devoted - With the 3 penetration bonus I doubt u need to change weapon type that much. So the penalty is really not a big deal.



Subclass where Penalty >> Bonus



    Black Jack - Black Jacks lose their core ability Constant Recovery to trade with another weapon set and reduced swap time. I can accept penalty to Constant Recovery, but totally disable it is too much.



    Darcozzi Paladini - All paladin bonus/penalty is not that big. But I feel Darcozzi is the worst of them. Minus one Max Zeal at beginning of the game is a lot. Meanwhile the minor flame shield is weak. Would you waste a LoH to get the minor flame shield effect? I'd rather use two FoD instead. My advice is when the paladins reach Power Lever III, their minor flame shield is upgraded to major one.



    All subclasses - Glad this will be fixed next patch.



    Tricker - Penalty to reduce sneak attack seems too much for me, instead they got some minor illusion spells. Not sure if it's enough to compensate the loss.


There are surely something I've not covered yet, but I feel these are the most issued subclasses.

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