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Purchased item disappeared(Amulet of Colossal Fist)



Hello, I recently purchased 9000 gold pack and bought a Amulet of Colossal Fist.


As you developers may know, this game has tendency of being stuck freeze especially during deck / party management.


And yes, your game got freezed little after i entered deck mangement menu and i found that item(ACF) has vaporized.


I’m a big fan of this game and didn’t give a da** about little bugs before this ‘accident’.


But that item is one of the most expensives.. It’s just too much for me to forget and go.


I would be very grateful if you guys could refund my 6600G so i could buy that again.

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Hello, it is sad if you lost the Amulet of Colossal Fists from the Unclaimed tab (or maybe after you dragged it to a character), but note that there is a big misconception about "buying" cards. It's actually unlocking them to be encountered during gameplay. Because many players unfamiliar with the concept were confused/angry that they did not receive the card immediately, developers put a free copy to the Unclaimed tab for you to use right away.

Summary: The card almost surely isn't lost (Check the Collection, item section of adventure deck 5 or 6, don't remember which - it should be there) and you can encounter it during gameplay of the same or higher adventure. Consider writing an inquiry to obsidian support to put the card again into your Unclaimed cards tab if you don't already have it there or in a character's deck. They are reasonable people.

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