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SKILL - MONK - Lesser Wound and Shattered Pillar subclass



The Shattered Pillar Monk loses his ability to gain Wounds from damage sustained, instead generating them through dealing damage themself.



However, said monks still have access to the Lesser Wounds passive which states more or less (game crashed so... :p) :

Gain the ability to generate Wounds from damage




I can see 3 scenarios here :


1/ Intended, working as advertised

This is the intended behaviour and Shattered Pillar monks may take the skill to be able to generate Wounds by dealing damage AND by receiving damage (and at a lower threshold at that).


It is my belief that the passive's description should be updated to specifically state that yes, it does work for Shattered Pillar monks.

Otherwise it is very unclear (which is why you're reading this :p).




2/ Affects Wound generation from damage done

This is not the intended behaviour, what the passive does is it allows the Shattered Pillar to generate more wounds from dealt damage, or generate them from a lower threshold of dealt damage.


In this instance, the wording of the passive needs to be adjusted.




3/ Has no effect whatsoever, lel

The skill needs to be removed from the Shattered Pillar's list of pick-able abilities, or at the very least greyed out.


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