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UI/area - Skulking-Terror attack sounds follow me



'kay that's a wierd one...



After a party wipe, I F8'd (and the game never loaded a quicksave, possibly because the only quicksave I had was on the world map, not in the area map).

Anyway, I loaded up the area autosave, fought the Skulking-Terror laguafeth again.



Now, from time to time, I can hear its slurping-attack-whatever sound.



It plays during pause, it plays on the load savegame screen, it plays after loading the autosave of another area.



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Hey dam,


Is there any way you can provide me with your autosave? I cannot get this to reproduce in house with the steps provided for quicksave. Anything else you could provide would be also greatly appreciated.




You the best,



I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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That particular autosave doesn't reproduce the issue :'(



1 AM here, gonna try and reproduce from a fresh game tomorrow during lunch break.


Self-ref steps to follow to try and repro :

- create PC

- quicksave on the WORLD MAP

- get into fight with super OP barbarian/monk laguafeth

- pause during combat (possibly while the sound effect in question is being played ?!! )

- quickload (hopefully it fails to quickload; I hope so, guessing the quickload actually runs a cleanup routine first, including currently running sounds)

- sound problem should happen



As a rule of thumb and coming from the same background as you guys (well, I'm systems/networks but you get the idea), if I provide neither save nor clear repro steps, I've sadly been unable to repro :'(



As a side note, another player has encountered an issue with similar symptoms, as in sound effect playing over and over again, even in menus :


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