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SKILL - ROGUE - Gouging Strike raw damage description



At character creation (ability preview) or level up (ability tree), the upgrade to Eyestrike shows this :



Now that's a ton of damage.


Note that, during normal gameplay, when one right clicks for the details of Gouging eyestrike and hovers over the raw damage duration, it correctly says "Infinity" :





While we're there, the raw damage from Gouging Strike doesn't seem to show in the combat log.


As of now, I'm unable to tell whether the damage is applied at all, or just not shown in the log.




Edit: we need a Topic Tag for abilities/skills/spells

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Hey dam,


Thanks for writing this up! After testing it it looks like it isnt showing up in log for damage (and is also not infinity :p) I've entered this info in our system to evaluate a fix for the future.


You the best,



I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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Whatcha mean not infinity ?


AMG, nerfs already !




Joke aside, it is my understanding that mousing over the duration now shows the total damage done during said duration.

Seeing how Gouging Strike applies raw damage until combat ends, it makes sense the tooltip should say infinity, or some indication that the damage will tick forever.

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