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Suggestion - adjusted helmets


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Either you hide the helmet, or it covers the entire head is all, like regular characters.



Currently playing a very specific game of POE for The Ultimate achievement, running a moon godlike, and jeez does it suck sacrificing an item slot merely for a passive (which, mind you, gets less useful as the game advances, while helmets get more powerful).



It heals like 150 endurance a tick by endgame if you spec high might and equip +healing items, that's way better than anything you can get from any helmet.


Checking in my screenshots I found one I took that sort of proves my previous statement, the wing slam was fully negated by silver tide.  It's from my only finished Ironman PotD run. 


[snip image]


Though it seems heavily nerfed in PoE2 so far, and probably not worth the loss of a helmet.


I must say, I'm impressed.


Not by the 150/tick number, although that is quite the feat by itself, no.


I'm impressed that you'd run ironman PotD with the vanilla characters.



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The one thing I wonder about with the no helmets thing is how in poe 2, each slot is supposed to essentially be a single stat (as far as what magical effects it can have), which can throw off some of the balance, since your'e more specifically limited in one stat (which seems, overall, stronger as it's easier to plan for lacking in that one stat for the entirety of the game). Regardless, I feel like it's an important gameplay consideration to trade out for the more powerful racial, which are generally stronger than a single talent anyways. And think about it, in pillars 1, if you could just wear a hat that had something like the moon godlike (obviously the strongest), or even something like fire godlike in some circumstances, racial benefit, wouldn't you? A lot of cases where that's stronger than whatever else you're getting off a helmet. So far in this game seems like it would be nature godlike for that power level bonus.

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