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[Mod] All items available for sale from Vektor + gold on the fish rack

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uploading to nexus but they don't have a page for POE2 yet rip


Adds nearly every equippable item to Vektor's vendor screen and 1000000 gold to buy things with in the fish rack


how to install: 

Pillars of Eternity II - Public Beta\PillarsOfEternity2_Data\exported\design\gamedata


copy your bb_items file and past it somewhere outside the directory


overwrite it with this file and start a new game





why didn't you just add the items to the fish rack? -the loot screen isn't as nice as the vendor screen

can I distribute this? -yes

who made this? -mort did

how do I add to this? save yourself. add the id's to the infinite item section and it'll appear on vektor

some items are missing - let me know which ones

some items are missing icons - whoops they probably weren't meant to be there but I'm too lazy to remove them


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