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Standalone soundtrack

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​After (sadly) discovering the POE2 beta won't be available for my OS, I sat down to listen to the POE1 standalone soundtrack instead, which came along with my POE2 backer kit stuff.

​It's an interesting experience, and I recommend it if you enjoy music.  Of course I had heard all the tracks before as part of the game itself, but that has a very different sense to it, because you are hearing them behind combat sound effects, voice acting, environmental sounds, and so on.  In the soundtrack they stand alone, but retain their familiarity from the game and evoke some of the sensations of the areas you heard them in.  I started out doing this on my gaming rig with little bookshelf speakers, but the music was nice enough that I moved the collection over to my HTPC which has higher end speakers.

​There's some good stuff in there.  I was particularly fond of "07 Skean", "08 Oldsong", "17 Twin Elms", and a bunch of the Durgan's Battery related tracks.​

​Definitely was worth the extra pledge $ I added to snag the soundtrack.

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