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Severity of Afflictions

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Affliction severity seems to be too low for the hard CCs like Paralyze. Most of them apply a -5 penalty to an attribute and a secondary effect. In the case of Paralyze, this is -5 to Dex.


Here's the breakdown of Mercenary Wizard casting Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights on a Paralyzed Mataru Warrior:




The -5 Dex only applies -10 to Reflex, which only marginally increases the chance of landing a Hit vs. Reflex (Mercenary Wizard has almost completely average Accuracy at 11 Per). Not to mention it doesn't seem to do anything to Deflection, so Paralyzed characters are exactly as hard to hit as able characters. Very odd.


This seems way too low, considering Paralyze is a hard CC. The Hit>Crit conversion is nice, but landing that Hit in the first place isn't much easier than against an unparalyzed foe. Besides, PoE more naturally had this effect by severely reducing Reflex/Deflection, which leads to increased Crit chance anyway.


Stun also only carries a -5 attribute penalty. And gives a -4 Pen penalty, which is very strange as Stun is hard CC, so the character won't be hitting anything to make use of that Pen debuff anyway.

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