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Character customisation after choosing the race


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Right now customisation is the latest step in character creation, and you switch through all these screens looking at a character that is not yours. It would feel better if I could decide how my character looks first. Aslo, if you want to see how other races look, and what options you have, you need to go all the way back, and figure out how to avoid this persistent pop-up which wants you to choose between a single class and a multiclass. It just consumes so much time! I'm not a new player, I know what my Watcher looked like, but if I were a new player, I would prefer to decide on my character's look first, and on the build second.

Another thing I didn't like about the CC is that you need to click on the "previous" button a dozen of times to go back and change something. It would be better to be able to switch between the steps of character creation by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the screen.

Also I didn't find how to import Pillars 1 Watcher. I guess this feature is not working yet? Or did I miss it?

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