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SPELLS - Arcane Veil



Yeah no, I'm confused.


Arcane Veil says: +50 Deflection against Veil Piercing attacks.

It also says: Arcane Veil has no effect on attacks made from firearms or veil piercing effects.



So errr, IDK, make up your mind ? ;)


Does it have the effect of granting 50 def against VPAs, or does it have no effect whatsoever against VPAs ?

'cause if the spell's effect is 50 def against VPAs and it has no effect against VPAs, perhaps remove the +50 def ?



The wording is confusing.



Edit: oh and you might want to choose one of the 2 wordings, "veil piercing attacks" or "veil piercing effects", if the two are one and the same, otherwise that is also confusing.


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Hello again Dam!


The description can indeed be confusing.  Veil Piercing Attacks would come from magical implements(rod, wand, scepter), bows, and crossbows).  Not quite sure why a firearm wouldn't be able to pierce though lol.  We have entered the bug into the system and assigned it to the appropriate dev.


Thanks again, Dam!



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