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So modding is a thing now?


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I looked for the texts and quests and conversations and was surprised to find something new.

The most obvious change is that its now json instead of xml. But then the rest, is a bit … non self explaining.

I hope you can provide some Documentation.



For the Conlang/Intext help where are the Texts? Why is there no marking to add a link in the Stringtable file?

I tried to add my own text in Cyclopedia, but it did not work.


How the heck can we get the GUIDs which are needed at all places? (Like this one: Boolean IsDead(Guid) )

Can you dump an export of them? *edit* Looks like the gamedata folder has a huge bunch of them.


What the heck is up with the behavior bundle? Currently I can not make any sense of it, yes its the same Flowchart structure as in part 1, but … so many unnamed nodes.


How does the voice over system work? There is currently no spoken line to look it up. Whats the folder and filename rule to get voice running? Has it to be in wwise format or would it take custom ogg/opus sounds?

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The inline help links are automatically added, though this may change in the future.  You have to add a string as you did, and you also have to add a GlossaryEntryGameData object in a gamedatabundle, too.  A lot of data that used to live in hard-to-access Unity data now lives in these JSON bundles and should be relatively easy to change.


The Guids for game data objects (items, abilities, etc) can be found in the gamedatabundle files, as you noted.  Guids for Unity objects are hard to access at the moment. The next beta will have the PrintInstance command, which you can use to get an object's Guid from its name.


I'm not familiar with those other systems.  I don't know what kind of plans we have to provide documentation for modding.

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