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Steam purchase



So i Just bought the game via steam sale. The mais reason for this was to play in my Cel phone. When i linked the accounts in my phone i dont have Any adventures unlocked or chars. The accounts share Gold and the cards that i already had in my Cel but not the adventures and chars that i bought. So pls help

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Sometimes it takes a restart (or two) to get a sync to fire off right.  Close the app on your phone and see what happens when you open it back up.


After you're logged in, also check that the username in the top-left is the same on both devices.  

- If it is missing, double-check that you're logged into iOS Game Center or Google Play.  

- If the two names differ, go to Options --> Settings and take note of the PFID numbers at the bottom of the screen.


If the merge still didn't seem to work correctly, email support@obsidian.net with your PFID (or PFIDs), and they should be able to sort things from their end.

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