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Sihedron Tome's end of the turn power won't banish non-Arcane spells.



Platform: PC (Windows 10)

User: atwarner #9699


Sihedron Tome says "At the end of your turn, reveal this card to draw a new spell that has the Arcane trait, then banish a spell." The Arcane restriction seems to be applying to the last clause incorrectly. I should be able to reveal it, draw an Arcane spell and banish a non-Arcane spell. I've had this happen in multiple scenarios. Most recently during Thassilonian Sins, Ezren acquired Raise Dead during his turn. At the end of his turn he revealed Sihedron Tome. He drew Frost Ray. He could not banish Raise Dead.

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Just had the same thing occur with Aid. Nothing on the card stipulates that the card banished must have the Arcane trait.

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