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Galenmire forced 2 encounters, cost me the scenario



Platform: PC (Windows 10)

User: atwarner #9699

Scenario: Jorgenfist

Difficulty: Legendary

Wildcards: Blood in the Sand, Painful Memories

Characters: Ezren (Treacherous Cave), Merisiel (Guard Tower), Sajan (Guard Tower), Valeros (Giant Lair), Lini (Mountain Peak), Seoni (Treacherous Cave)


Seoni encountered Galenmir on the very last turn. That included Sajan finding Galenmir for her via Revlation Quill. Seoni had already displayed an Orb of Storms from a previous encounter the same turn. She used a Blessing of Pharasma to explore, leaving here with only 3 cards in hand. Everyone temporarily closed their locations via some blessings (Lini didn't need any, Sajan rolled without and failed, then I used blessings to make sure Merisiel succeeded). Galenmir thankfully dealt her 2 Ranged combat damage BYA. She discarded a Blessing of Pharsama and Incanter for the damage. I then through everything at Galenmir. Seoni used Superior Arcane Blast, Ezren played Swipe, Lini played Sunburst and discarded Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 and a blessing. Valeros, Sajan and Merisiel all played a blessing each (all giving 1 die). The check was successful. Everyone recharged their spells, but then, instead of activating the scenario power's d6 to see if he was undefeated, Ezren was dealt 1d4-1 Ranged combat damage, which I only then realized hadn't happened BYA. He took the damage, then the d6 was rolled. It wasn't a 1. Then suddenly Seoni was back to a combat check against Galenmir. But with depleted resources, I could only muster a 2% chance to succeed. I failed. Unable to explore again, I lost the scenario.

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