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Daily Challenge Gold Reward Bug



The gold reward for the daily challenges has always been bugged for me. I've observed this since I've began playing and now, after yet another reward not registering properly, I've decided to come here and see if anyone else encountered this problem (since no one answers in the Steam forums).

What happens in my case is that, as soon as a daily challenge is completed, I get that little pop-up on the right with the extra gold flowing that's supposed to show that you've received the reward. Except that, despite the pop-up, the reward never actually registers. So, I appear to get the +100 (or +150, depending on the daily challenge) gold but this gold is never truly added to my treasury; e.g. if I had, say, 16464 gold before a +100 gold reward, when I receive it, the pop-up will tell me that I now have 16564 and I will appear to get the gold but when I check my total gold by going to the "esc" menu or going to the Store, it will still say 16464 as before and that +100 gold never arrives. Also, if instead of checking my gold total in the menu or the Store I proceed to complete any task that would give me gold, like closing a location, finishing a Scenario and banishing cards at the merchant, my gold total reverts to the amount it was before the reward for the daily challenge. So, it's not merely a delay in receiving the daily reward, it is never actually delivered.

It's worth mentioning that the I have no problems at all with the weekly rewards that appear in the pick-up tab. That gold has always arrived as intended.

I'm playing the PC version of the game on Steam. Please inform me if any other data is necessary to check this problem.

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