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3.06 bug: more rotating ghosts





I fight undead in Od Nua level 6.

The game is paused and a strangely distorted ghost is rotating and moves downward.

When the game is unpaused, the ghost disappears very fast.

The ghost looks more like hiravias in his shapeshifted form than an undead.

Hiravias is shapeshifted and is hit by a skelleton ranger, but he is alive and remained shapeshifted until the end of combat.


I have reported the bug already in older versions of the game.

In this playthrough it happened 3 times so far: This one, a wolf animal companion of a ranger at the front entrance of ciliag riban ( The group of people on a bridge in the area where Eder finishes his personal quest), and a dying slime monster (the ghost of the slime grew bigger until it filled the entire screen and then disappeared).


The bug appears very rarely and maybe I see it because I have enabled auto pause on enemy death. (among other auto pauses).

This "ghost bug" is the only time where something moves on the screen while the game is paused.

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