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3.06bug: Kana hits dead enemy with *NameError*





I fight Xaurips in the 5th level of Od Nua. The last enemy of this group is a Xaurip Master.

My Paladin kills him with flames of devotion and activates strange mercy and inspiring triumph.

Afterwards Eder hits him with "into the fray" and makes him dazed for 18 seconds.

Then Kana hits *NameError* with dragon trashed.

Finally Kana stops singing, because all enemies are dead and combat is over.


expected behaviour:

An attack should only hit living enemies unless stated otherwise (like a corpse explosion spell).

When there is no living enemy around, attacks should hit nothing at all, not a *NameError*.

It is normal that it can take a few seconds between the death of the last enemy and end of combat, but you should not hit dead enemies during this time.

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