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Summon Monster isn't using the highest difficulty of the check to defeat



Platform: PC (Windows 10)

Account: atwarner #9699

Scenario: Crow Bait

Difficulty: Legendary

Wildcards: Too Many Scarcrows, Darkest Night

Characters: Ezren (Apothecary), Merisiel (Wooden Bridge), Sajan (Farm House), Valeros (Guard Tower), Lini (Woods), Seoni (Village House)


On the first turn, Ezren explored and encountered a Blessing of the Gods. He acquired it. He used it to explore again and encountered a Goblin Warchanter. Lini was chosen for Too Many Scarecrows. She used Hold Light and Superior Animal Trick to defeat it. She recharged Holy Light, using Superior Animal Trick.


Ezren then played Summon Monster to defeat the Goblin Warchanter. He drew a Zombie. The Goblin Warchanter was a difficulty of 11 due to the Darkest Night wildcard (8 +3 = 11). The Zombie should have been treated as a 12 (9 + 3) for the same reason. But Ezren failed the check. Summon Monster says to use the drawn cards highest difficulty to defeat as the result. The rules say that the wildcard should apply to the drawn card. From the Mummy's Mask rulebook:


When determining the lowest or highest difficulty to defeat or acquire a card, apply all powers from cards that affect the difficulty, but do not apply powers that happen before you act, while you act, or after you act.


I don't see anywhere in the glossary that the same idea is covered. I couldn't find a section on "Attempting a check."

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