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Can't trigger Aloth's quest



So, I'm a merc addict and only use real NPC's for their quests to trigger stronghold turns. But Aloth doesn't want to give me his. Wiki says that it becomes available after Never Far From The Queen, during which he finds out I'm a Watcher. I've progressed the main quest so far that I just need to step in and attend the animancy hearing. Now obviously he wasn't with me for any of that but that hasn't messed his quest up before.


If this indeed is the trigger, I might have bugged it when I went directly to the Leaden Key hideout rather than speaking to the ghost at the ruined temple first. I've never skipped that step before. I talked to the ghost long afterwards - with Aloth in the group even - but I still can't squeeze a quest out of him.


Does the wiki have the trigger wrong or have I indeed messed it up? I've pretty much licked act 2 clean of main and side quests, companion quests and the Endless Paths aside.

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