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How do you get Zahua to side with you?[Spoilers]

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I have beaten the game, but in order to get Zahua to side with me during the debate with Eyeless, i had to edit a file. I had convinced Maneha to remember her past, so the only remaining choice to temper their memories was Zahua.


No matter how i solved Zahua quest(i tried many dialog options) he would keep stating pain is good. I tried to ccriticize his legacy becaus ei was told the character has a "legacy" value that should be below 0 if you want him to side with you against the Eyeless. But that did not work. In the dn: bringing zahuato see eyeless before completing his quest does not work. Completing his quest does not work. Completing his quest and critizing his choices does not work. Trying to comfort him does not work either.


And yet, the dialog files where he sides with me vs eyeless exist in the game, and i could trigger them by replacing a file value that triggered the correct dialog.


I would like to know if someone managed to convince Zahua to side with the hero without having to edit any file.

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