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Evoker Ezren power feat bugs



After some time of sitting on the bench, Ezren joined his friends on a legendary adventure in Attack on Sandpoint. Some of his powers are still miraculous:

When recharging a spell (Recharge power +3, Inteligence +4), the Spell collector bonus (+4) still applies, making the base bonus 2 (Arcane) + 4 + 3 + 4 = +13 instead of the +9.

Force specialization power (+2 to checks with Force traits) works well unless you cancel the spell played (Sign of Wrath, Force Bolt tested). Then, the check reverts to original state, but the +2 modifier remains. I don't know if it is a remaining Force trait (card error) or if it is a bug in Force specialization power itself. Fortunately, the bonus does not increase by casting and cancelling repeatedly. Other Specialization feats deserve looking into as well (my Ezren doesn't have them).

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