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Emerald Codex and Invoke let Lini keep Invoke



Scenario: Scaling Mhar Massif

Difficulty: Normal

Party: Ezren, Merisiel, Sajan, Valeros, Lini, Seoni


In one of the most epic scenarios ever, at the end of the second to last turn that would have been a defeat, Lini drew Emerald Codex. This was a relief because Seoni was the only turn left and was at the last Death Zone, which had 3 cards and no henchman. Lini buried the Emerald Codex on Seoni's turn and got Dominate, Detect Evil, and Invoke. She played Invoke and got 4 blessings back. After winning 3 turns later, when rebuilding, Lini had Invoke in her deck of cards. It should have been banished since it was played from the Emerald Codex.

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