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Girl Power Party:

  • Watcher
  • Pallegina
  • Sagani
  • Grieving Mother
  • Maneha
  • Devil of Caroc

This all-girls group seems difficult. Not only are these all mid-to-late recruits, the team lacks "vancian" casters (unless you pick one type as the Watcher).


How could this party work? Buy up 2-3 early NPCs right when you hit Gilded Vale, maybe, and then rush through Caed Nua to get access to Grieving Mother, Sagani, and Pallegina.


What would be the best Watcher class for this party? Fire Priest, maybe?



Sausage Party:

  • Watcher
  • Eder
  • Aloth
  • Durance
  • Hiravias
  • Kana? Zahua?


The all-boys party looks a lot stronger, given that you can recruit one of each major "vancian" caster very quickly. The Watcher could be a Cipher to fill out the caster list, or ... anything, really.


Which of the 6 male NPCs is it best to drop?


What's the best Watcher class for the resulting party?

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Definately a priest(ess) for the first and then Devil would really be the only weak link, though as you notice you're going solo for the hardest part of the game. Probably priest for the guys too and cut Durance since his attribute allocation is just really bad. Though if you wanted to obviously you could go 2 priests since the class is more than strong enough to carry Durance despite his attributes.

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