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Kulkin Shooter Squad! Lights out! Guerilla Radio!

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For my Icewind Dale style less dialogue type run I had this idea for a shooter/ Guerilla group.  Its lore friendly as before the Wood Elfs joined with the humans to form the Aedyr Empire they were known to use Guerilla tactics like the Viet Cong, Mujahideen and Taliban.  What do you guys think?


1. Quick Switch Shieldbearer Paladin with Zealous Charge/Runners Wounding Shot...Should be called Zealous Retreat lol (Also thinking of Using Pilambo or St. Garams Spark for marking on the run...You guys think marking is worth it in this group?)


2. Storm Druid Tank (google bat**** crazy druid for the build)


That's it for the front line.  Now the real shooters.


3. Mad Hornet Rogue (google the Mad Hornet Rogue for the build)


4. Warbow Ranger with Binding Roots


5. Kalkoths Minor Blights Wizard


6. Ranged Magranic Priest


Alternatively I could dump the Wizard and take a Chanter for the frontline? 


In an area where it cant run its at a disadvantage obviously as most Guerillas are.  But it can still stand and fight.  I am thinking of taking two Auras on the Paladin in these cases.  Can switch to Zealous Focus when we cant run..or just take Gallants on the Priest but its not quite as good as ZF.  The priest will also have a shield with weapon and shield style, the wizard will be an illusionist (Llengrath style) so he/she will be very difficult to hit, the Mad Hornet will have Shadowing Beyond and the Shield Bearer and Storm Druid tank can stand and fight with anyone.  So when its cornered I can use per rest abilities to be unhittable with the backline, switch to a shield with my priest, set traps, prone with a wolf pet, AOE Blind with the Wizard/Priest, and have Sacred Immolation, Shielding Flames and Storms firing off. 


Druid also has great openers to disable enemies like Call the Worlds Maw.


Lastly, I think it is can be a good Dragon Hunter (toughest fight would be the Alpine Dragon for this group) group as there is a crap ton of Raw Damage and accuracy in this group.  Deep wounds, Wounding Shot, Runners Wounding Shot, Persistence, Envenomed Strikes will pick up on Rogue and Ranger, Venom Bloom and Plague of Insects.  It is almost thematic.

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Have gun will travel.

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