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Kyra Sunwrought Exorcist



I want my Kyra Sunwrought Exorcist to take the power feat Enemy Lore: Outsider, but she is unable to do so. The power is always disabled. Both on 3-5 reward and 4-1.


She is in a solo campaign and she has taken Improved Enemy Lore, Hand 6 and Weapon Proficiency (and Purge Undead at 3-5)


Edit: In case it change something, I was always playing at Legendary. I have bought all characters (Base/Upgraded/Goblins) and I have all paths bought, including Goblins.


I am playing on

Android 7.0,

a Galaxy Neo 5S,

Pathfinder ver-1022-20170807

PFID 1E01A2E5D985DF83

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I just hope the technical team have seen this post. Just an aknowledgement would be welcome.


Hey there Velmont,


Very sorry about the delayed response, we're looking into it now and we're adding it to the patch list for a future patch. A new patch is coming soon, but unfortunately won't have this fixed.

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I am not sure what you mean by skin.


I play Kira, using the Sunwrought build (Yellow background, Strength 1d8, Wisdom 1d10, Melee: Str+3, Fortitude: Con+2, Weapon Card: 3, Armor Card: 1, starting with Improved Enemy Lore: Undead instead of Enemy Lore: Undead)


The power feat I took are Hand 6, Weapon Proficiency and Greater Enemy Lore: Undead.


Card feat, I took Spells: +2 and Item: +1


Skill Feat I took Str: +3

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I mean, a non-base Kyra. I think it's a bug with alternate Kyras and I believe you can levelup that power if you temporarily switch to base kyra.

How does one do this on the Steam version? I appear to be locked into that power selection screen with no way to back out.

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